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Professional Property Management

Providing an experienced and knowledgeable professional to help manage your properties!

  • No time to take care of your Tenants needs properly?
  • Not enough time to do showings to fill vacant units?
  • Tired of being stressed out over completion of renovation projects?
  • Thinking of selling your rental property?


ProHelp Realty is committed to outstanding property management which leads directly to outstanding returns on investment. ProHelp can maximize the profitability of your rental units to achieve exceptional financial results. You will appreciate our high level of commitment and hands-on service, along with our broad range of experience and knowledge in a variety of competitive markets to be perfectly suited to your ownership goals.

We're dedicated to ensuring that every rental unit provides your residents with an exceptional living experience. We seek to hire, train, and develop the best on-site teams in every market to effectively manage the daily operations of your units.

When you choose to partner with ProHelp Realty for your property management needs, you’ll benefit from our significant experience and commitment to integrity.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality properties and superior services to our customers. By combining our highly talented team and our exceptional resources, we create communities with superior service and living environments.

We leverage our experience in all aspects of real estate to create superior properties and relationships with all of our investors.

Our superior professionals and unique approach to real estate makes ProHelp Realty an ideal investment partner.

ProHelp Realty offers a wide range of management opportunities.

  • We will lease your property for you and manage the property after it is leased
  • We will manage a rehab project and/or clean the property for you prior to leasing
  • We will help you find rental properties to add to your portfolio.
  • ProHelp Realty can sell your property for you.


Managing rental properties
Managing rehab projects

  • We will handle all advertising for a unit.
  • A landing page will be created, hosted and maintained on our web site for each building we manage:
  • All rents, charges, deposits and other fees will be collected by ProHelp Realty.
  • ProHelp Realty will complete all lease signings and move-in checklists.
  • We will manage all cleaning and repairs to units after a move-out.
  • All forms, letters, and correspondence to residents will be through ProHelp Realty
  • Interior inspections of each unit (Furnace filter and/or Smoke detectors) will be done at least once per year.
  • We will get estimates from contractors on jobs
  • We verify that the work is being done in a timely manner and correctly
  • We will pull all applicable permits for rehab projects.

There is NO UPFRONT CHARGE for our services. If we do not rent your property we do not get paid. (We may ask for a deposit for advertising, mowing or paying utilities.

Contact ProHelp Realty if you have questions about a home, apartment building or any other real estate you would like us to manage.

We provide equal housing opportunities to all applicants.

We are a professional property management company. Our company is run by a licensed real estate broker.